Adult chatrooms no registration find older men

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Adult chatrooms no registration find older men

They run a forum called "Prostate Cancer" - look for a link to "Discussion Boards" on their Cancer Survivors Network index page who's address as at 12th June 2011 is If your partner or a man in your life has been diagnosed with prostate cancer - or his cancer has recurred - then you will find this website a valuable resource for both you and your loved one.They have many other resources too for those involved with cancer so it's well worth exploring their site for additional information and support that may be relevant to your situation. His Prostate is created and edited by Dana Kababik. a professional writer who has more than 16 years of experience researching and writing web sites, educational brochures, videos, resource guides, newsletters, and magazines on numerous health conditionsincluding prostate cancer".Alternatively, go to their home page, find the heading “Types of Cancer” and click on the link “A to Z List of Cancers” and hunt down “Prostate Cancer” in the alphabetical list. There are also stories from prostate cancer survivors, some volunteer mentors and more. It covers all forms of cancer, there's a wealth of information on cancer and cancer-related matters, and some forums or discussion boards and chat rooms.To find their information on prostate cancer, at the top of their home page, click on the link "Learn About Cancer", then on the new page that displays, in the alphabetical list under the heading "Select a Cancer Type" find and click on "Prostate Cancer" and then click on Go.About 16 percent of American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lives; 8 percent will develop significant symptoms; and 3 percent will die of the disease.” Now, here are the twelve best sites for prostate cancer I can find on the net.In my opinion the best strategy will be to check out all of them. K.-based organisation with an excellent website at Men diagnosed with prostate cancer will also find this website a valuable resource in the initial stages of diagnosis and treatment when gathering information about the medical aspects of prostate cancer and treatment, and for learning how the diagnosis and treatment may influence your life and those nearest to you, and for helping you have a closer and more fulfilling journey with those who matter most to you through your cancer diagnosis and treatment and beyond. If you want to delve deeper into any aspect of cancer, a good source of information is Medlineplus at The link to the section on cancers is the link to their section on prostate cancer is Malecare “Men fighting cancer together” at a website with quite a lot of information on prostate cancer, as well as info on testicular cancer and male breast cancer. Us TOO run fourteen mailing lists from the website Prostate Pointers at which was donated to Us TOO by its original owners Nex Cura.

When I last visited this bulletin board on 26th November 2009 there was a note saying "Due to security reasons, the bulletin board has been disabled. an authoritative source of information to help patients and health professionals make informed decisions about cancer care.

Here’s a description of one of them: “Patient to Physician (P2P) provides the opportunity to read focused discussion about clinical problems with prostate cancer.

Patients post questions with accompanying medical history and specialists in the field of prostate cancer offer ideas to discuss with your physician.” The site Prostate Pointers also has about thirty well set out forums on different aspects of prostate cancer, the most popular being “General discussion about PCa”.

Through the collective expertise of its member institutions, the NCCN develops, updates, and disseminates a complete library of clinical practice guidelines.

These guidelines are the standard for clinical policy in oncology” - (quoted from their website).

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If you are feeling a bit apprehensive at the moment, and you decide to check out some of the many sites on prostate cancer, here’s some reassuring info to take with you on your journey - I found it on the USA's National Cancer Institute website I mention below. By age 50, about one-third of American men have microscopic signs of prostate cancer.

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