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Belizean dating sites

And now we want to share our top favourite things to do in Merida Mexico – The capital of the Yucatan.

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Embrace the chaos and you’ll discover why Merida has grabbed a hold of us and kept us here so long.

The map below shows a rough approximation of the colonias (neighborhoods) of downtown Merida Mexico (Centro).

Merida has the 3rd largest centro histórico (Historic Centre) in the Americas (After Mexico City & Havana, Cuba).

The Yucatan Peninsula is homeland to the Mayan civilization (Chichen Itza etc.).

Locals seem to their lives more in Merida – where existence flows from your heart and not from your job. And you are invited to come and taste a little bit of that freedom for yourself because everyone is welcome in Merida Mexico.

From colonial mansions to the more rundown corners of every barrio, there is bright color and a real sense of humanity, where strangers still greet you in the street (in Spanish, of course). Some buildings are in disrepair, streets do have pot-holes.

Please use our links to support us and keep our blog running.It also becomes pleasantly cool in the evening (Down to 15c/60f) at that time of year (still t-shirt weather though! That typically means it rains and/or thunders once a day in the afternoon – rather than all day.) and the sun is low enough throughout the day that you can benefit from shade from buildings when walking around the city. Storms are typically short and rainfall is only super heavy occasionally, not every day.But the city is almost entirely low rise buildings, so it’s very spread out.Merida was founded in 1542 by Francisco de Montejo on the site of a Mayan settlement, T’hó.

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