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Lonnie moves around to the head of the table as he works my upper back, neck and shoulders. Each of us was now serving three cocks each - and once we got used to the double-fucking it was quite clear that we both LOVED taking so much raw cock at the same time! When we got our first loads I locked eyes with the other bottom and it was clear he was just as ecstatic as me to be bred!

I watch as that hot little vixen goes down on my girlfriend when, in the distance I hear footfalls drawing near. My mind hiccups and jiggers, sputtering to access the speech functions... It is very thick and very long, stretching all the way down to within an inch of the cuff of his shorts. As it is, I cannot get over the massive bulge in Lonnie's shorts and the realization that I am aroused... " he asks as he works away at my upper chest and shoulders with powerful, well oiled hands. "Yessssssssssssssss," I whisper as he takes the thin sheet that covers me from the waist down and folds it back to my knees, exposing my stiffening dick. I part my lips and one by one, Lonnie slips his dripping digits into my mouth. "Clean that cum off my fingers." He need not prompt me for as I suck each finger dry I am amazed to find that my cum doesn't taste the least bit bad. Speechless, I watch as it swells and grows, bigger and bigger - filling out and stretching longer and longer till it extends the full distance from the base of my neck to beyond my hairline! That was so fucking hot that I blew my load in the other bottom's mouth way before he finally came in my mouth - and the moment he had cum we were ordered to get dressed and clear out!

Promoted her to manager," Lonnie smiles before finally adding, "Hey man, don't worry about it. Like I said, I'm a professional." More silence as I ponder my decision and every possible implication from every possible angle. So he makes small talk, guy talk mostly: Women, sports, dirty jokes - topics to put my homophobia to rest. At first, I am sure he is going to make me say it again. But between the two of u we only had 4 holes - and there were 6 hard cocks to service, so inevitably there would be some switching around. The second cock in my mouth came directly from the other bottom's arse!

"I see...," he says, wrapping his slippery hand around my cock. Back to the bookstore for three more loads tonight, regrettably all swallowed.

My apprehensions fade and I drift off into a semi-dreamlike state. I looked across to the other bottom and I could see on his face that he was in as much pain as myself, trying to adjust to having two hard cocks fucking each of our arses!

I close my eyes and relax as Lonnie talks and works away. I have no choice but to relax my jaw to take him into my mouth. Damn, the sound of our moans mixing as we were getting used side-by-side was so hot... Two of the tops laid down on the bed on their backs side by side, and we were ordered to sit down on their cocks and lean forward, exposing our holes to the two other cocks that were now forcing their way up our holes.

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