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Dr Laurie Mintz, a US psychology professor and human sexuality expert (and author of Becoming Cliterate), thinks we've separated our most reliable route to female orgasm – clitoral stimulation – from how we feel we should orgasm – penetration.The result is men have at least three times as many orgasms with a partner than women do.Speak to your teachers first to hear their view and to get their help.If they agree, they can arrange the priority remark for you and you can inform your university to make sure they will accept you on a remark.

If you got the grades you need for your insurance offer, then you can accept that; if not, you can choose to enter Clearing to apply to an alternative university.

Whatever you choose to do, it gives you some time to reapply next year.

Applying for a job, taking a gap year to go travelling, applying for an apprenticeship, studying different subjects to take your future career in a different direction – there are lots of different routes you can take.

Don’t worry: you still have tons of options ahead of you.

If you missed a place at your firm and insurance university, you can enter Clearing where universities offer the remaining places on their courses. UCAS publicises the list of universities offering Clearing places from 6pm on the day before results day for you to browse through.

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