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Narcissism and dating

People with narcissistic tendencies do tend to listen to someone they see as higher in power than themselves.

If those with narcissistic habits respect their therapist, their listening can appear to their therapist to be quite normal.

There are many signs of narcissism, but the most telling but overlooked sign is habitual non-listening.

Narcissistic folks tend to do a lot of talking and very little listening.

For more on interacting with a narcissistic person without getting down, anxious, or mad, see Dr.

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RELATED: 5 Ways To Talk So He Will Listen — REALLY, Truly Listen Why do therapists tend to miss the poor listening habits when they are assessing narcissism?

And from that self-confident stance, use collaborative dialogue skills.

Show that you have heard your partner’s viewpoint and then persist until you have succeeded in conveying your viewpoint as well. Narcissistic folks relax and, therefore, listen better when they feel appreciated.

As a therapist who specializes in helping couples build more satisfying marriages,, I focus on this trait in particular.

What is that habit that most people overlook about narcissists?

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If you're dating someone who exhibits signs of narcissism, that might be a major red flag for your relationship. He doesn't care about your feelings, thoughts or ideas.