Updating windows media

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Back to Top For information about removing Windows Media Player 10 and rolling back to the previous version of the Player that was installed on your computer, see the Windows Media Player FAQ.

If you reside in another country or region, we recommend that you wait for the version of Windows Media Player 10 for your country or region to be released before installing.

As the player uses heavy system resources for that, it gets slowed down constantly.

Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, or Windows XP Media Center Edition Windows XP Service Pack 2Windows Media Player 10 works best with the latest software version of the Player and operating system.

When you try to play content by using the Media Bar, an error message is displayed that incorrectly indicates that the latest version of the Player is not installed on your computer.

After you click OK in the message, Internet Explorer will open Windows Media Player 10 and play the content you selected.

If you didn't upgrade the DRM security components in Windows Media Player for Windows XP, and then install Windows Media Player 10, you will not be able to play your licensed files after rolling back Windows Media Player 10 to Windows Media Player for Windows XP.

You can remove the partnership information either by formatting the device (which removes all data from the device) or by deleting the file on the device that the Technical Beta version of Windows Media Player 10 used to track the partnership.

For more information about Windows XP SP2, see the Windows XP Web page.

Back to Top Video files may be included in auto playlists for the Microsoft Recorded TV shows (DVR-MS files) in your library if you add any of the following filters as criteria that modify a "TV shows in my library" clause in an auto playlist.

If you proceed with the installation of the US English version of Windows Media Player 10 and you do not reside in the United States, your Windows Media Player may be unable to provide access to online stores that you may have subscribed to by using previous versions of the Player.

To monitor the availability of Windows Media Player 10 for your country or region, see the Windows Media Download Center.

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