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Controlling the controls a validator validates Hello, I want to control which controls appear for a validator when they go to controltovalidate dropdown in property grid.Is the solution to create a designer for the control? I can't override the Control To Validate property... Brian"Trust in the Lord and do what is good; dwell in the land and live securely.I'm here because it's been suggested here that this is a WYSIWYG issue: When I paste plain text into the FCKeditor it capitalizes all the elements. Is there a way I can make the editor use lowercase instead? relevant video of issue: password to view video is "Drupal" screenshots of my WYSIWYG module settings: We've seen capitalized tags before somewhere, but I can't find the issue now.For example it uses: P, BR, STRONG, and TEXT-ALIGN instead of p, br, strong, and text-align. I think it was partially browser-related in combination with generating a DOM of the source and serializing it again in Drupal plugins like Teaser Break, Image Assist and IMCE. I didn't see anything like this before until I installed the IMCE-WYSIWYG module. You may see attched file to see the result on my page. I see that sitemesh has rendered Page head and Login/Menu in the text area although I have not did anything relating site mesh in my textarea.

But even after keeping fckeditor field blank, form gets submitted.

This is not happening on other installs, but also I haven't had to use the IMCE WYSIWYG bridge on other installs so I thought possibly that might be related. I think we need to escape/preserve those prior to letting drupal plugins (j Query) touch the source and put them back afterwards.

I wonder if I'd installed that module before I installed the FCK editor if that would make a difference? Do you think I should remove them all and put them back in?

But unfortunately I want it to run the validation on the client side.

And I also know that I can write a javascript function for the Client Validation Function and hardcode client id ...

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I prefer to allow registered users an editor similar to this one. Also, using the image link takes them off my site as well. Almost all forums user UBB codes and people are very familiar with them and how they work. An image browser just accumulates a bunch of junk and users get mad when other users take or use their pictures. Don't care if the Admin has full use of the FCKeditor.

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